My name is Antonie Potgieter, South African – from Middleburg, Pretoria, Rustenburg, Johannesburg… everywhere really. I was born in 1986. Father of 2 beautiful and influenced children with the potential of reaching amazing heights in this lifetime. I’m a programmer and despise the word “IT” 😀 I enjoy life and just have a passion for systems and software.

We don’t know anything about computers, we just read and write code. It’s mechanical.

Senior systems and full-stack software developer with 17 years+ experience in developing, supporting and maintaining existing and new software products.

Ask me about Unix/Linux, if I don’t know it, teach me 🙂

Self-starter and extremely dedicated person with a passion for the technology and software industry. I enjoy learning new skills as well as perfecting existing ones. In addition to learning I can teach and lead people on various levels.

My portfolio and resume presents itself with my work and knowledge and a vast range of areas in the software and web industry.

Where I’ve Worked


Sep 2019 – Present

Senior software developer at Everlytic.

  • Part of an Agile team
  • Product development using various technologies.
  • Developing mainly on the LAMP stack.
  • Programming of various languages and markups
    • PHP
    • MySQL
    • Javascript (JS, jQuery, AngularJS)
    • NodeJS with TypeScript, ES…
    • CSS (CSS 3.0 – Bootstrap, jQueryUI)
    • Linux (CentOS, Alpine)

Beautiful company with amazing growth and potential for even more growth. The best software developers I’ve met in my lifetime and career. Great culture, amazing people and innovation of inexplicable proportions.

Tribulant Software

2007 – 2019

Owner and software developer

  • Develop plugins from start to finish for the WordPress platform
  • Redesign and enhance plugins based on client requests
  • Technical & General Client support
  • Hosting company with hundreds of clients
  • Server Administrator in Linux, with some knowledge of UNIX
  • Manage & motivate staff
  • Marketing of various criteria
  • Design websites

Tribulant Software is a company I started in 2007, I have enjoyed running
and growing it. The amount of knowledge and experience I gained from running and micro-managing this business is inexplicable.