SpamScore – Up and Running

The SpamScore website is now up and running, you can use it.

What is SpamScore?

This service allows you to send an email or a newsletter to a provided email address. The email is received, scanned and processed to give you information on it’s deliverability.

It will report on various parts of the email such as multi-part, in-depth spam rules using SpamAssassin and then authentication such as SPF, DKIM and reverse DNS (PTR).

Future Plans for SpamScore

The service is currently very basic. I wrote this a while back and simply revived the project now to get it up and running.

I’m going to keep building on it and improving it to provide better information on the results page as well as a score or a percentage as an overview.

Some features I’m currently implementing are:

  • RBLs – Blacklist check on the sending IP on many blacklists.
  • DMARC – Validate DMARC on the incoming email.
  • Size – The size of the email to deliverability ratio.
  • Attachments – List attachments in the email and their integrity
  • Encryption – Detect, validate and report encrypted emails
  • API – Free, public REST API. This is available, I just need to document it.

For now, enjoy the service as it is and send me any suggestions or requests.

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