Sons of The Forest Dedicated Server Install – AWS, Linux, Docker

You can play Sons of The Forest on your own, dedicated server!

This is a server setup guide using AWS, Linux – Ubuntu and Docker.

Steps: Sons of The Forest Server Install

  • Create a VM with Ubuntu LTS on AWS
    • 8gb memory, 16gb recommended
  • Login to the VM via shell to the console
  • Open ports on your firewall (8766, 27016, 9700)
  • Pull the repository:
  • Create folders named game and steamcmd
  • Update the package manager sudo apt update
  • Install Docker using the package manager sudo apt install
  • Execute the given command to start and run the container
  • Stop the container to edit DedicatedServer.cfg in either single- or multiplayer folder

Docker Command

sudo docker run --restart always -i -t -p 8766:8766/udp -p 27016:27016/udp -p 9700:9700/udp -v $(pwd)/steamcmd:/steamcmd -v $(pwd)/game:/sonsoftheforest --name sotf jammsen/sons-of-the-forest-dedicated-server:latest

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