You will like this Project Zomboid Server

A friend of mine recently suggested that I try Project Zomboid, so I did šŸ˜

Who would resist the opportunity to try a new and seemingly different game.

It is a paid title so I purchased it from the Steam store. Seeing the Very Positive reviews and the low price on it, I was convinced and purchased it to start playing.

Project Zomboid Multiplayer

I played a bit of solo on my own machine and then decided to join my friends on a public, multiplayer server where we had loads of fun.

Unfortunately the server admins interfered with the game and our base or safehouse – that we spent many days on building and securing – was penetrated with hoards of zombies randomly spawning.

Something had to be done! If we were to play more Project Zomboid as an MMO RPG, we’d have to find another server where we were left in peace to play and interact with other players even if it is PVP. The alternative was to launch my own server and so I did. It is called Matrix Zomboid.

The Launch of Matrix Zomboid Server

I started researching how I can run my own Project Zomboid server that we can play on and also modify exactly the way we want it to be. So Matrix Zomboid server was born and launched!

The server is currently hosted in a datacenter in New York but I might end up moving it to South Africa. The ping doesn’t cause problems because of the way the game works but a quicker response time will be great.

Setting up Project Zomboid on a server with Linux was a fun task to work on

Join The Play from Anywhere

Server IP:
Server Port: 16261

No server password required.

See the list of mods on this collection:

Channel Permalink:

Gameplay on YouTube

Check out my Project Zomboid playlist on YouTube:

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